Who is Christabella Florist?

Christabella Florist is an online florist that was founded in 2018 by Angelica Tan
“ As a young generation, I realized that mostly flower shop’s designs are old fashioned and their way of doing business is traditional too. My friends around me had zero knowledge on flowers as well. I decided to educate the public and at the same time I keep improving myself by attending many flora and business courses. I started up online instead of opening a physical store. I use only social media for doing publicity campaigns and it actually helps a lot!  The younger generation are active on social media and it’s easier to make purchases online. “ ---------------- by Angelica Tan

Our Mission

Internal Mission
Build a stronger florist team by emphasizing on sharing and meeting discussion every week in order to produce high quality products and services for customers. Provides skills and knowledge training sessions every three months for each branch of florist as well as management to maintain good quality and keep improving.

External Mission
- Fast respond to customer requests
- Release up to date flora design every month
- Educate public for having a culture purchase and keep fresh flower
- Educate public for install Interior Floral Design

Our Vision

Be a globally recognised brand and provide more opportunities for young florists to expand business.

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